Rochelle Oh
I’m a graphic designer, illustrator & occasional animator based in Naarm.
I have over four years experience working across print and digital, identity and rollout, static and motion. I largely work across the music industry, which has allowed me to inventively approach a wide range of deliverables from street posters to vinyl packages, marketing assets to merchandise B-)

Playfulness and experimentation are central to my design approach, my work usually having both wit and naiveté. I love to collaborate and believe that design should be fun, exciting, and a tool for good.

☆ Available for freelance + part time work
☆ Currently exhibiting ~ @ Brunswick Street Gallery

Selected clients include: Groovin the Moo, PBS FM, Mucho (Agency) Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Sui Zhen, Shameless Podcast, Monash University, Currency Press.
Exhibitions: Pancake (Group Show), 2024; Planet Before Profit (Group Show), 2019.
Education: Bachelor of Design (Communication Design), Monash University ☆ Monash University Outstanding Communication Design Graduate 2019.

Groovin the Moo 2023

hello! ___ your screen greets you. a new and exciting friend. ____> click! mum finally hangs up the phone. Now’s your chance... !!! . ; ’ melodic beeps and screeching whirrs fill you with anticipation as two devices converse ‘ ; . Your modem persuades the other. ___ >>> Success! Now your only limits are the four corners of your browser window. ❁ The identity for Groovin the Moo's 2023 festival was designed to be unapologetically cute, feminine and joyous. The second festival tour since Covid-19, the GTM23 identity calls on the nostalgia that has become a refuge amidst the chaos of this new decade. Informed by late 90’s club scene grit and 00’s ‘girl tech’ kitsch, both of which draw influence from Japanese design and culture, the GTM23 identity is equal parts cute and daring. ❁ Art direction by Warren Taylor.

1. Loading animation. ❁ 2. GTM23 logo. ❁ 3. Identity elements - logos & icons, swatches, mascots and bubble system. ❁ 4. Save the date assets - GTM23 announcement animation, Canberra Facebook event banner, save the date Instagram story animation. ❁ 5. Street poster, A0. ❁ 6. Artist announcement assets. ❁ 7. website. ❁ 8. Tickets, site map, wristbands and lanyards. ❁ 9. Onsite screen activations - animations by Julia Kirkpatrick ❁ 14. Merch - trucker cap, hoodie, baby tee, zip hoodie, tee, and sticker sheet.

Album Art

1. 'Nervous Energy 一 触即发' Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel. Music in Exile. Limited Edition 12” EP with obi, 2021. Front cover, A side vinyl, B side vinyl, back cover, obi. Designed with Joëlle Thomas. ❁ 2. 'Nervous Energy 一 触即发 Remixes' Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel. Music in Exile. Limited edition 12” EP with clear vinyl and spot gloss cover, 2022. Front cover, A side vinyl, B side vinyl, back cover, stamped protective paper bag. Designed with Liz Luby. ❁ 3. 'blessings from th eheart' Other Joe. Bedroom Suck Records. Limited edition 12” LP with 'outsert', 2021. Front cover, A side vinyl, B side vinyl, back cover, 'outsert'. Cover photo by Emilie Kilvington. Designed with Joëlle Thomas. ❁ 4. 'Welcome' Don Glori. Bedroom Suck Records. Limited edition 12” LP with printed inner sleeve, 2022. Front cover, inner sleeve, A side vinyl, B side vinyl, inner sleeve, back cover. Cover artwork by Nick Dahlen. Designed with Alex Rothmeier. ❁ 5. 'Community' Gordon Koang. Music in Exile. 12” LP with Riso printed lyric sheet and poster, 2022. Front cover, A side vinyl, B side vinyl, 8 page A4 booklet (folds out to 2x A3 posters), back cover. Designed with Joëlle Thomas.


1. Midori Takada Australian Tour. Crown Ruler. A0, 2022. ❁ 2. Bedroom Suck Records at Fairfield Bowling Club. A0, 2022. ❁ 3. Music in Exile x Alasya x tatlı. A0, 2023. Designed with Liz Luby. ❁ 4. Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel Nervous Energy 一 触即发 Tour - Brunswick Ballroom. Music in Exile. A0 street poster, 2022. Designed with Liz Luby. ❁ 5. Bedroom Suck Records vs The Curtin Farewell Show. A0, 2022. ❁ 6. Music in Exile Spring Fundraiser. A0 street poster, 2022. Designed with Liz Luby. ❁ 7. Don Glori 'Welcome' Album Launch at Howler. A0, 2022. Painting by Nick Dahlen.

Daily Mood

A6 zine, first ed 2023. Inkjet on Envirocare :-)

Music in Exile Merch

1. 'I love music with my friends'. Everpress x Music in Exile. Screen printed cotton tee, 2022. Designed with Liz Luby. ❁ 2. 'Music Happens'. Music in Exile. Screenprinted cotton tee, shorts & vinyl sticker, 2023. Designed with Liz Luby. Video by Bridget Tarquini. ❁ 3. 'Nervous Energy 一 触即发' tee. Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel / Music in Exile. Screen printed cotton tee, 2021. Designed with Joëlle Thomas. ❁ 4. Gordon Koang '2021 Unity Tour' tee. Music in Exile. Screen printed cotton tee, 2021. Designed with Joëlle Thomas. ❁ 5. Flowers tee. Music in Exile. Screen printed cotton tee, 2021. Designed with Joëlle Thomas.

Illustrations for Voiceworks magazine non-fiction piece '', for online issue 'Cipher'. The essay, coded and written by Erin Moss, can be read both linearly and non-linearly, so that you can play and read the piece in whatever order you choose. The essay, format and illustrations reflect on girl's dress-up games of the 2000's, some of the only video games made for a young girl audience at the time. Inspirations for the illustrations included Barbie, MyScene, Bratz, and the Sims, as well as current-day dress-up games for kids. Digital illustration, 2022.

Groovin the Moo 2022

Groovin the Moo 2022 animations + merch. ❁ Art direction by Warren Taylor. Graphic design and illustration by Zach Beltsos-Russo.

1. Social and event screen animations. ❁ 2. Line up announcement video. Live footage by Tiffany J Williams and Warren Taylor. ❁ 3. Social and event screen animation. ❁ 4. 'Remix' merch design. Screenprinted tie-dye cotton longsleeve.


1. Selected 'Zodiac Beans'. Giclée prints, 203x203mm, 2020. - Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces. ❁ 2. 'hayfever :-('. Voiceworks magazine issue 125 'Spectre'. 170x245mm, spot colour print. 2021. Accompanying poem by Anna Ke. ❁ 3. 'mlem'. Created for 'Blockdown - A Virtual Art Show', a lockdown exhibition in Minecraft. Digital artwork / giclée print, 203x203mm, 2020. ❁ 4. 'Hot Bunny Summer' and 'Morning Brew'. A6 vinyl sticker sheets, 2020. ❁ 5. 'Generations'. Esperanto Magazine. 2019. ❁ 6. Speak Up for Climate Justice 2021 campaign poster. Australian Youth Climate Coalition. ❁ 7. Digital illustrations - 'Devil', 'Clown', 'Pucket', 'Home Sweet Home', 'Faewy', 'Studious Mage', 'Stardew Valley in Spring'.

A Stretch of the Imagination

Identity and 'merch' activation for the design staging of A Stretch of the Imagination, at MADA Now 2019 (Monash University). A Stretch of the Imagination is a single act monologue by Australian playwright Jack Hibberd that first premiered at The Pram Factory, Carlton in 1972. The play presents a day in the life of Monk O’Neill, an old misanthrope living in a dilapidated hut. Monk ruminates on and recreates his past great lives, telling tales of widows and philosophers in between silencing alarms and sweeping ants, among other obsessive fixations.
In response to the play, students designed objects and installations that explored the themes, motifs, tone, and responses to the play. The programme presents the briefs for the exhibition. The garments on display act as tongue-in-cheek 'merch'. ❁ Supervised by Warren Taylor and Damiano Bertoli. 'Trickster' typeface by Velvetyne Type Foundry.
1. Postcard, A6, spot colour. ❁ 2. Programme, 105x247mm, saddle stitched. ❁ 3. Exhibition activation - paste-up signage and 'merch stall' with screenprinted garments, cloth and posters, and an ornate mirror with vinyl lettering.

Keep in Touch

A5 Riso printed zine. Saddle stitched. Digital illustrations. Published by Tree Paper Gallery. First ed 2021.

Club Scene

Club Scene zine, issue #001: Vessel. Designed with Joëlle Thomas. 2019-2020. The first and only issue!
1. Animated promo video. ❁ 2. Logo with custom type by Joëlle Thomas. ❁ 3. Magazine cover and selected spreads. Collage by Navarre Fenwick. Posca illustrations by Gabby Parish. Google SketchUp illustration by Joëlle Thomas. Coded illustration by Alex Rothmeier. ❁ 4. Merch - 'Chatroom' tote bag, 'Vessel' madlibs tee, 'Brekkie' longsleeve, Issue #001 pins, A5 vinyl sticker sheet. ❁ 5. Magazine launch street poster, A0. ❁ 6. Event photos by Navarre Fenwick.