Various Illustrations for Print
New Wave Great Wave
Interpretation of Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ for Esperanto Magazine Creative Issue 2017. Issue art directed by Dominique Vine.
Why We Wear What We Wear
Series of illustrations for Esperanto Magazine Generations Issue 2019. Magazine art directed by Emily McIntosh.
‘The Whale Tagging the Dog’
Commissioned A4 illustration, 2019.
The illustration centers around an inside joke between the client and a friend. Despite the whimsical content, the client wanted a clean style.
Untitled A5 commission, 2019.
Illustration created for a riso workshop with Tree Paper Gallery, 2019. Gif shows final print and the separate riso layers.
Illustration for Esperanto Magazine Nostalgia Issue 2018. Issue art directed by Bridget Melville.
Illustration for Esperanto Magazine Sex Issue 2018. Issue art directed by Bridget Melville.